Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Update

This morning was another prenatal appointment.  I drove half way across the city (on extremely shitty roads) to find out that my doctor was delivering a baby.  The office did try to call me but I was already gone to drop the girls off at school.  Thankfully another doctor in the office had an early opening and so they fit me in to see her.  :)

Everything was good.  I didn't gain or lose a pound this month.  I was wondering what would happen with that seeing as I ate not so great in Florida but I did a lot of walking.  Blood pressure is good and other than being tired from a very long travel day on Sunday, I am feeling more energetic.

I heard baby's heartbeat although very briefly.  Baby was being squirmy so every time the doctor would find the heart beat the little bean would slip away into another corner.  I have been feeling it move every now and then but was still relieved to hear that beautiful little thump-thump.

I have my ultrasound scheduled for January 30th.  I am looking forward to seeing my baby for the first time and hopefully finding out whether defied fate and made a boy this time.

On another note....we are having troubles with names...both for a boy and a girl.....suggestions?


Cammy said...

Sorry, I could barely come up with names for my own kids! Can't wait until the January 30th ultrasound.

Emma in Canada said...

Are you not having the baby at the Mis? That was my chance of seeing it soonish!

I can throw a bunch of Irish ones your way but not sure how well they will go with the last name. Though...2 of your girls already have Gaelic names and they all sound good.

Mamma Schmoo said...

Cammy - I can't wait either...I am just hoping that this baby shows his or her parts.

Emma - No I will deliver at the Grey Nuns. I don't have a doctor on this side of the city. Any name suggestions will be appreciated. Nathan and I were on the internet for an hour last night and did not find one that we would even consider. He suggested we just name it Quatre.

Gush said...

Hey Nancy th eonly name I could come up with is Peyton, I was thinking since you are a fan of the Colts and its a good name