Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Only 7 more days.  As of next Thursday I will have my 3 girls home with me for the summer.  I am very much looking forward to it.  Our summers are generally spent flying by the seat of our pants.  We have a standing appointment with the Calgary Stampede and we are very excited that this year My Dear Nathan will be joining us for 5 days of Stampedin'.  We are even taking a "night off".  While my girls stay with my parents, we will be livin' it up like a couple with no kids!

The girls and I will be going camping for a week in August with my family.  Not sure if My Dear Nathan will be joining us for the whole trip (not likely) but we are hoping that he can take a day off to join us.  This camping trip will be a celebration of sorts as my Grandparents will celebrate their 50th anniversary in August.  We will also be celebrating our 10th anniversary (which was in May and was the reason for our trip to Florida) and my parents 30th anniversary which is the day after my baby turns 2.

OMG!!  My baby is going to be 2 in a matter of weeks.  I cannot believe how fast time flies by.  She is a funny little thing.  She talks up a storm, problem with that being is that it is her own little language.  Every now and again she says something that is clearly english but other than that it is just a string of "uh-uh's".  We are hoping that she will start picking up some more words as the summer progresses.  I am sure that with her sisters being home that it will come sooner than I expect.  

Speaking of sisters....Camryn has finally learned how to ride a 2-wheeler.  She is so very impressed with herself.  Her only problem now is that her bike is too small.  I took her out to look for a new one yesterday and we believe that we have found "the one".  We just have to wait for Daddy to approve the size.  I think that this will be the first time that we will only have to buy one new bike.  Darian is still good with hers but she does need a new helmet.  

With Darian this summer I am hoping to improve our relationship.  She has been having some troubles the past few weeks and I am hoping that we can get everything out in the air and start coming up with some solutions.  She is much closer to her Dad than with me and I am mostly Ok with that....I just wish that she felt a little more comfortable with me...so that is what I am going to work on.  Wish me luck as she is only 12 and I have heard that it only gets worse from here..... :(

Well....there are my ramblings.  I was hoping that I would just sit down, start typing and something brilliant would come out....guess today was not the day.  If you have made it this far....you are a trooper!!  Have a good day.  Hope you have lovely weather where you are, I think we are going to have some sun today, which makes me happy :)


Cammy said...

Is it wrong that I made it that far and wanted more? I'm terrified of 12 and up (until about 22 I think). Good thing I've got a bit of time to adjust to the idea.

Joy T. said...

Family life is a brilliant post to me :o) Looks like you will have a busy summer but lots of fun. It's nice to hear a mom who wants to work on her relationship with her girl. Trust me when I say your effort now will be worth it when she turns 15. 15 is quite the year for teenagers. Here's to many bonding days with your girls!

Debbie said...

Yup. I agree - a good post. :)

I'm hoping to get away this summer with not buying my son a new bike. He's looking a little big for the one he has, but he's not complaining yet.

Good luck with your daughter. I am not looking forward to the teen years. I have a feeling I'll be in for some serious payback!