Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Back

Well I am back...have been for sometime now but just have not been feeling like I had the ability to blog.  I have been very tired and think that I am finally getting caught up on the sleep that I have been missing out on for sometime now.

Just some updates....our trip was awesome!!  I cannot believe how much I have fallen in love with Florida.  The weather is spectacular, the beer is cheap and plentiful, clothing is reasonably priced and I have found a store that sells fat chick clothes that do not require you to be 10 ft. tall or a million years old to wear.  I bought $350.00 worth of clothes before heading to the airport to come home....I also had to buy a new suitcase to fit it all in!!  

We have already planned and booked our next trip back.  We will be going back for 9 days in January.  We are going to be taking my parents and the girls with us.  We are very excited and have already begun our countdown....only 204 more days!!!  (Yes, I am obsessed as some people like to say but seriously...if you have not been to Florida you have no idea so please do not continuously ask me what the appeal is as annoying as me asking you why you choose to go camping every summer....duh, because you like it!)

On the downside....I was doing well with Weight Watchers right up until I stepped off the plane in Orlando.  After that everything kind of went out the window.  I enjoyed food and drink of every variety and rationalized it all by saying that I was walking alot.  Since I have been home I have continued to enjoy and indulge....only without the walking.  Knowing that I have not been a good Weight Watcher I decided that the best way to enjoy Florida is be being a lot lighter.   I attended my first WW meeting in a month yesterday.  I have managed to gain back half of what I have lost in the matter of a month.  It took me much longer to lose it.  Why oh why must weight be so much easier to put on than to take off????

So besides Florida and WW nothing much interesting has been going on here at the Schmoo house.  We are trying to get projects that we started sometime ago finished along with getting ready for summer.  I cannot believe that the girls will be done school in a matter of weeks.  I am looking forward to it because I am tired of having to leave my house to drive 5 minutes everyday.  I am also looking forward to spending sometime in Calgary to do some Stamdedin'.

Well this post is starting to go everywhere and explain nothing so I will bow out now before I really get confusing.  Sorry for the hiatus....I guess I just needed to get the blog juices flowing again.  Hope you enjoyed.

(Cammy....I miss ya too.  Hope you are me....maybe I can come out for a visit before you go home....would love to see you again).


Cammy said...

You rule!

We have appointments in Edmonton on Friday so I may give you a call sometime then. Think I'm going to fly home Saturday (unless I decide to drive my Dad's truck home - what to do, what to do). My Mum thinks I should be home for father's day and she's probably right. It will be hard leaving though (note to self - have lots of kids so that dealing with funeral stuff, etc. can be spread around a bit). I've told Baylie to make my Mum take her to Europe when she graduates - we'll see in two years I guess. Talk to you soon.
P.S. I think Fat Chic would be a great name for a clothing store, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Well it was no black hole, purple nipples post, but I am glad you are back :)

Emma in Canada said...

Glad to see you back.

So what exactly is the appeal to Florida? You know, other than the fact that it is hot, has beaches, and Disney World? Oh, and it has my brother at the moment, even if he was pickpocketed there.

I'm with Cammy on the name fat chic for a store. Embrace the weight I say. Well, not really. I would love to be skinny.