Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Light in the Darkness

I have been a homeowner for going on 8 years now. I love it. I love that every leak, crack, and broken thing is my responsibility. I can fix it or leave it cuz it's my choice. One thing that I have always felt was not my choice was the kitchen.

In my first house the kitchen was about the size of a public restroom. I am almost positive we could have at least 3 stalls in it. It was a lovely shade of insanely bright yellow, especially in the morning when we came upstairs from our dungeon bedroom to the blinding sun reflecting off the blinding walls.

In our second house, although is was brand new, we bought it after everything had already been picked out. It was brown. All brown, with leaves on the countertop. And cheap appliances. We always knew that it would not be our "forever" house so we did not even consider any renovations.

Jump ahead to today. Our house is slowly transforming into our vision. We have done some painting and have some plans in place for a new bathroom (good thing I have a plumber on the payroll). Most important, though, is the kitchen. Our kitchen is about as ugly as they come. Blue cabinets and yellow walls. Why, oh why, do I wind up with yellow walls? I must also add that when we moved in our dishwasher matched the color of the cabinetry. It was all so very 80s.

Now for the light in my darkness. At this very moment I can officially say that we are doing a kitchen reno. We will be picking out fancy, new stainless steel appliances, ordering beautiful new cabinetry on Saturday, painting, tiling and, the most fun part, doing demolition to kick it all off!!

I cannot believe that finally I will have a kitchen that is mine. Not just one that I settled for but one that I planned out, picked colors and appliances, flooring and paint for. Now I will only have to wonder...will it be just as much of a pain in the ass to clean?


Cammy said...

Oh, and here we are always always always thinking about painting our kitchen (and everything else) yellow. I'm jealous of the renos, let me know about the cleaning ;)