Monday, January 29, 2007

The Monster Around The Corner

I can see it...

It is lurking around the corner, watching my every move.

I hate it. I hate the thought of it. *shudder*

The big, furry, smelly, disgusting, creature that sucks the life out of us 40 hours at a time! Work!

My EI is quickly coming to an end and that makes me so sad. That means that sometime in the near future I am going to have to look for a job. Not a full time job, but something to at least help out, to make up for the hole in my bank account that is going to appear once the government kicks me out of the nest.

I am sitting here, thinking about what I want to do. The thing is that what I want to do is stay at home with my kids, unfortunately the pay sucks! I know that this a first for me as I distinctly remember clawing my way out the door to go back to work or school when Darian and Camryn were little. I didn't know any better back then.

It is not all about Ryleigh that I want to stay home though. I can see that my kids are different. They are better people because I am at home. They have a warm (or cool, such as the weather dictates) ride to and from school everyday. They have help with their mountains of homework at a reasonable time, they eat at a reasonable time and go to bed at a reasonable time. Don't get me wrong, all of these things are more than possible with a working mother, I have done it and see it done everday by those around me, but I don't want that anymore. There are a bazillion other reasons that I want to stay home besides just the logistics of homework, eating and bedtimes but to think about missing out on them makes me teary.

In light of the impending situation of my return to work I am presently taking sales pitches for the next million dollar idea. Please submit ASAP!!


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Cammy said...

Hello! You have a very nice blog. I recommend you put a filter on to stop the annoying spam :) If I had a blog I would totally get my hopes up that someone had commented then be disappointed when it was just junk mail :(. I'm officially on the other side of your blog - today is my first day off work. It feels weird. Work is such a big part of my identity and Hunter is still at daycare two days a week so I'm mostly just bored (and I was so looking forward to being off work). Last night I was thinking about the baby coming and thinking "oh my God, I am not ready". Even that didn't jump start the baby coming [sigh]. Probably a good thing 'cause I really am not ready though I am more ready today than I was yesterday... clothes are washed and folded and the cradle is ready to go.

Cammy said...

I've started my own... . I now have to figure out how to make it look decent.

Cammy said...

You are not lame! I can't think of a better way to spend your time. I didn't leave Hunter overnight until that 10 year reunion that I barely remember and I'm still reluctant to let him go for a sleepover because he seems way too young. I am lame :)