Thursday, January 04, 2007

Born in the wrong decade.

This is Camryn. I am sure that my devoted fans have met her before...but just in case you stumbled upon this site by total accident....voila...Camryn.

My little Camryn is soon to be the ripe old age of 7. Her bithday is just over a month away. I am already trying to think of what we are going to get her for her birthday. This is a difficult question as everything that she holds dear in her life at the current moment involves Motley Crue. Yes, Kickstart My Heart, Girls Girls Girls, Shout at the Devil, Motley Crue.

She knows all their names, what "sounds" they make ("Mommy, Mick Mars makes the guitar sounds you know?") and that they like T-I-T-S. She already owns the Greatest Hits CD, so really there is no use buying her another one as this contains everything that a budding Motley Crue fan needs. The reason that she know that they like T-I-T-S is because "SANTA" brought her their DVD for Xmas.

Santa also brought her Twisted you see a pattern here? My daughter was born in the wrong decade. If she owned a pair of acid wash, tight jeans, slouch socks, some sort of feather head-thingy, a teasing comb, some black high-tops and a leather jacket I would have the coolest headbanger in the world. I am glad that she does not own these choice items of clothing as I am sure that she would put them all on, give the devil horns, bang her head and sing Dr. Feelgood like no other almost-7 year old can.


Anonymous said...

I blame Nathan.

Nancy said...

Nathan says that he takes all the credit....