Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Christmas Poem.

Twas the days before Christmas and all through the house
everything needed cleaning...even the mouse.
The laundry was piled in the basement, waist high
with hopes the laundry fairies buried beneath wouldn't die.

The baking is not finished, there are presents to wrap
still shopping to do, how do I fall into this trap?
The kids are counting the days left of school
then they are home for 2 weeks!!! Now, please...thats just cruel!

My parents are coming, my brother and Jen
with all of them here I'll need a beer, perhaps ten!
We'll eat turkey and ham, potatoes and corn
and have all the leftovers for breakfast, Boxing Day morn.

For all the complaining in this little poem
without all the ruckus, it just wouldn't be home.
I'll hold my breath while my girls open gifts
and play with our baby, we'll all take some shifts.

Christmas is coming, work must be done
but in the end it pays off with a day full of fun!
I love my family, my husband, our life
and wish in the end that we could do it all twice!!


Roach said...

Your not supposed to make me cry at work!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to every single part of that poem - brilliant! Unfortunately there will be no 10 beers for me :(

Leanne said...

This is awesome!!!