Monday, December 18, 2006

Life Resumes


I FINALLY have my house back!! I never knew that the sweet sound of silence would be so welcome. There is no snoring, no loud, heavy, I'm about to have a heart attack on your couch breathing, no burping, no farting, no ear-picking, no Smiley-Ryleigh. NO DEL!!! Woo Hoo.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the man. But I do appreciate him much more from afar. I love that he loves my kids and the whole creating my husband part but I do not love sharing my home with him (or anyone else for more than a few days at a time, just so you don't think that I am only prejudice to fathers-in-law).

Now I begin my mission of cleansing my house. This is the slight case of OCD taking over. I have already stripped the bed right down to the mattress to wash. If the mattress would fit in my washing machine, it too, would be cleaned. I am airing out the smell of old man in the bedroom as we speak. My feet are freezing as I sit here typing but it is a good freezing. A Del-free freezing.

Oh happy, joyous day!!! How I thought you would never come.

I can happily prace around my house in my birthday suit. I just had it washed and it is ready to make an appearance. My baby will not be yelled at with any words that rhyme with her name. My couch will again be able to breath.

And I will once again have unlimited access to my computer!!! Lovely machine that it is. Perhaps I will be able to set up my new Mac Mini.

I am going to rejoice in the deafening silence of my home now. For the few days that I will have it before my family comes.

See this same post from Nathan next week!!!