Thursday, August 03, 2006

Pathetic, Lame and Totally Disgraceful

I really need to get a life. I have come to the realization that I really need to uproot my ass from my couch more often.

Tuesday, as we all know was August 1. The first Tuesday of the month....that magical day when certain grocery stores give you 10% off your purchase just for choosing to spend your money there (or in our case, as we have no money, racking up Nathan's new credit card....but hey we are getting Airmiles with which to flee creditors). I was excited at the thought of having food in my house once again. While the 5-6 days that we ate out last week were a welcome change it is time that I fed my family once again with food cooked lovingly from my heart. (Who am I kidding....I can't cook with a baby hanging off my cooked begrudingly by Nathan after a long day of work).

As the excitement of going grocery shopping built throughout the day a horrifying thought entered my's Tuesday...blink, blink....night of the mighty reality t.v. shows. Big Brother 7: All Stars, Last Comic Standing....ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA. How could I go grocery shopping when I can witness the greatest invention of this generation....reality television? Ahhhh, thank god for the second greatest invention of this generation....PVR!!!

As I sat down to feed my parasite I have named Ryleigh, I set the PVR to record Rock Star: Supernova (which I only watch to fantasize about Jason Newsted, even with the Lyle Lovett hairdo), so as not to miss any minute of it after we left. We watched some of the show before Ryleigh was done and then went on our merry way, confident we would see bad rocker chics butcher classic rock tunes.

Upon arrival at the magical grocery store I realized....with a sudden panic and wide eyes....I had forgotten to set the PVR for the rest of my shows....we needed to abort the grocery trip and return home at once!!! Nathan did not agree. I had to shop...he made me...but I made him buy me ice cream...the kind I like, as revenge for missing my shows. At this point, I refer you back to the title of my post....

Well, I survived missing my shows....I sat down to watch Last Comic Standing at 11:00 on the B.C. channels (I love the pacific time zone) and then realized I was bored and did not care to finish watching. I got up to kick Nathan off the computer so that I could check on Big Brother....drat....they have not posted the update yet. How was I to sleep not knowing who won the Power of Veto? So as not to keep you in suspense...I slept comfortably (for a few hours) knowing that I would find out what happened on BB7....the Newfies....they are my saviour.

They replay Big Brother the day after original airing....just in case they have to go grocery shopping too....


Anonymous said...

LOL. To further feed your sickness, check out .

I am a loser too :) Hey, at least we're in this together.

Anonymous said...

Hey at least you have the PVR
and the NTV station.
some of us aren't that lucky you know!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so some people's pathetic, lame and totally disgraceful is related to reality tv, others (like mine)is related to blogs. Those of us who are blog addicted are even worse than the TV addicts because we expect almost instant gratification (and frequent updates, hint hint). Having a babe permanently attached is no excuse! j/k