Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Night

Last night was rough. Really rough. So rough that even now I still feel like crying. Kaiden was up all night. I am not sure what his deal is but the past few weeks have been horrible, sleep wise. I cannot get over how different he is from the girls. He is so busy. He hits, he pinches, he digs his toes into my leg. I spend all day feeling like he is beating the crap out of me and he isn't even 7 months old yet!!

My Dear Nathan will home tomorrow night. A bonus night at home. He still has to work on Friday but at least I will have him here to help me tomorrow. I feel so bad for relying on Darian to help me all the time. I broke down in tears tonight telling her that I really do appreciate all the help that she gives me around here. I am not cut out for this single Mom life :(


Cammy said...

Sorry to hear it! Maybe the little guy will be tired today so you can nap (assuming Ryleigh also cooperates). Has he started on solids yet? Maybe he is getting to the point where he is hungrier? I'm so rusty at this stuff I have no good advice to offer, sorry. Hang in there. Also, maybe it's time to start looking at some other options re: the living situation? I don't know what they are but life is short.