Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today I went for my prenatal appointment.  I am 13 weeks, 2 days and I finally heard this little one's heartbeat!!  Everything else is in proper working order.  I have even managed to lose 5 pounds!  Ultrasound is booked for the end of January.  Keep your fingers crossed that this baby shows me what it is because I need to know....

We are under the Christmas gun right now.  We haven't gone shopping yet and we still have no tree up.  The plan is to go shopping tonight and I hope we get it all done in one shot because I am not really in a shopping mood.  The plan is for the tree to go up tomorrow and to come down before New Years.

We are only 2 weeks and a few days away from our trip and I cannot wait.  It has been stupid cold here for the last few days and it is expected to hang around for at least another week and beyond that, who knows?  Bring on the Florida sunshine!  There is a 50-something degree temperature difference between here and there (-25 here, +27 there).  I totally live on the wrong side of zero.

Just another note that has absolutely nothing to do with anything else.  My cat snores when she sleeps!

Have a great day.  Will try to update more....if you care.  :D


Cammy said...

So glad to see a post! Glad to hear the baby is healthy and noisy enough to hear. Write more (you know, when you're not battling crowds, baking stuff, or doing the other crazy stuff that comes with the holidays).

Cammy said...

P.S. Your baby is now looking like a baby and not a shrimp! Time sure flies, eh?

dawn said...

I thought you may have posted something today. I guess I will wait to see if something comes up. Good luck with the ultrasound at the end of January.