Thursday, September 18, 2008


I have been trying for months to get my house and life organized.  I have so many things that I want to do.  I need to paint my entire upper floor so that I can get new flooring and baseboards.  Before this can be done I need to clean my basement.  

We purchased storage shelving months and months ago (sometime in March I think) that is supposed to be set up in the basement so that I can move some stuff from upstairs down there so as to create more space.  I have gone through and gotten rid of tons of stuff but there is still so much more to do.

I have a spare bedroom that one day I would like to put another baby in but it is the black hole for everything that doesn't have a place in our house.  I get in there and clean it out and it looks great for about a week and then it is piled full of shit again.

My bathroom is hideous as is the ensuite in my bedroom.  I would love to have them redone but I have neither the time nor the money to do it at the present moment.   My kitchen tiles that I keep talking about grouting....yea, we put the tile on the wall over a year ago.  Our kitchen has been in a state of renovation FOR A YEAR!!!

I have never been at home for this long before.  I always went back to work or to school after my other girls were about 1.  I have not had to entertain a toddler all day long.  I have never lived in a house where we have done major renovations.  I have never not had an income for so long.  All of these things contribute (I think although I am no Dr. Phil) to my feeling like I am walking around in circles all the time.

In an attempt to gain some insight and advice on the subjects I have done loads of searching on the internet.  I have found a few websites that offer advice....for $9.95 for 3 months or after you finish our short survey which then turns into a bazillion other surveys in your email.  I have found a few blogs on the subject as well.  

I have started to notice something about these organization blogs though.  The vast majority (like 99.8%) of them are deeply religious women.  They have all their shit in order, neatly I might add, could give you an entire inventory of their bathroom cupboard or deep freeze all while baking dozens of muffins for their church, in between homeschooling their 12 kids and doing a bible study.  

What the fuck?  Is that why they call it "organized" religion?  Do you need to "walk with the Lord" and then all of a sudden your home looks like the maid from Brady Bunch lives there?  Is this what I have been doing wrong all this time?  If I clean my house will I find God?  Is he what is under my ginormous laundry pile?

If I become organized will I become religious or is it that you need to first be religious in order to get organized...either way I think I need to find me a bible, but where the hell do I begin to look in this disorganized hell hole?  ;)


Kyddryn said...

Eh, Spiritual trumps Religious. Go talk to a tree or give some thought to a blade of grass and what went into making it - you'll get better results that you would from a book full of dead men's tales.

Not that I have an opinion or anything.

One's home, I have often read and been told, is a reflection of one's internal state. Mine's a mess, but I am comfortable in it. Sad, huh? I would like it to be clean, but am unwilling to do other's work to get it that way - if I'm not the only one making the mess, I'd better not be the only one cleaning it up!

Here, some organizational advice that's free and doesn't require spiritual bludgeoning: Pick one thing, set a deadline for finishing, and start.

Or plan a party for sometime next month - it's amazing how much cleaning and organizing one can do when motivated by the idea that guests will soon see one's home!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Cammy said...

Nothing insightful to say but I. love. this. post!

Emma in Canada said...

Ha! This post is hilarious! You've yet to see my house, so you have yet to see true disorganization.

My friend had a consult with an organization company for about $40. She took all their ideas and did the work herself. Granted she had no toddlers at home and is pretty much a neat freak anyway. I'll just shut up now.

Sheri said...

So, if I find Jesus, does he come with a broom and a mop and a new filing system? Awesome. I'm going to Church this Sunday.