Thursday, August 30, 2007

When does it end?

So I was feeling kind of gung-ho this week and as a result I now have hardwood in my living room and dining room. Now don't go and get the wrong idea, the hard wood has been there longer than I have been alive but it was covered with cheap, ugly laminate. The laminate is apparently very near and dear to the hearts of the people who used to live here. My neighbor is friends with them and told them that we were going to rip it up and the lady nearly had a coronary and extolled my neighbor with the story of how difficult and how much work it was to lay it down (over disgusting pools of dog urine I might add.....gross!!!!!).

Today my two oldest daughters decided that they were going to be helpful and try to force me to stay in bed all day long while they cleaned, cooked and looked after their baby sister. I think that my children were kidnapped by aliens and replaced with clones but they assure me that they are the originals. They were cleaning the floor when I finally said that we were going to finish ripping up the laminate. It only took us about half hour to do that and now the floor is nice and clean and my front yard is littered with cheap, ugly laminate. Maybe if I leave it there someone will come and take it away during the night. It could happen.....

So now all we have left to do is paint the entire upstairs, ceiling included, lay new tile from front door down the hall, refinish the hardwood, buy and install new baseboards, decide what kind of flooring to replace the cheap, ugly laminate with in the bedrooms, redo the bathroom.......the list goes on and on. When we are finally finished with the upstairs then my basement needs to be gutted and redone. Sigh.....I hope these clone children get to stay for awhile because they have lots of work to do!!!!


Cammy said...

I hear ya. :( Hey at least you have child labour. Mine just want me to play with them (demanding things, aren't they?)