Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Next Phase

Only 2 more sleeps....that is not very many. Only 2 more sleeps until I have to go to (gulp) a junior high school. I haven't set foot in one of those for a coon's age. And let me tell you it is one, very old coon.

Darian is about to embark on the next chapter of her life, which is obviously going by faster than anticipated by her "Mother". (My children have begun calling me "Mother", what comes after that? I know for my Mother it was Grandma.....OMG.....Ok, that is another post altogether!!!)

Darian has already brought home an information pack regarding a trip that the Grade 7 class is taking in about a year from now. I think back to my Grade 7 year and I think that the furthest I went was Edmonton. I know for sure that I went to Calgary in Grade 6, but that wasn't junior high. So where, you ask, is the Grade 7 class of 2007/2008 going? For 9 glorious days they will be touring...get this....are you ready....? GREECE AND ITALY!!!

While I was pregnant with Darian no one informed me that not only would I have to put off any sort of vacation for myself until she was well into her 20s but that she would travel more for school than I have ever travelled in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE! What shade of green am I right now? I can't believe that for the next year I will have to save all my pennies to send my daughter half way around the world, without me.

Actually, I am green with envy and feeling many more emotions than there are colors to describe them. I was only presented with the opportunity to go to Vancouver for a trip during high school. Other than that, there were no exotic field trips to places that would have really confirmed how much of a hole Fort McMurray was to live in. I looked forward to that trip to Vancouver like no other trip. I love Vancouver and I was going to be going without my parents.

That was until I decided not to attend classes. It was not a new phenomenon for me not to attend school. The difference was that my parents could hit me where it hurt this time. I never did get to go on that trip. It was my own fault but it doesn't make me wonder any less whether or not that trip could have been the kick I needed to get serious about music again.

I have talked with Darian about what she will be responsible for doing in the coming year. What we expect from her mark wise (which is also required by the school in order to be able to take the trip), about what it means to be moving on to the next phase in her education and life, the changes that need to be and will inevitably happen.

I will send my oldest daughter to junior high in six months. I will send my oldest daughter to Greece and Italy in one year. I will do what I have to do in order to ensure that she has every opportunity to grow and become a better person than her mother.


Cammy said...

Oh I am so jealous too (not about the junior high, that I'm glad to never see again). In grade 9/10 (memory is getting bad with the age) I signed up for a France trip then backed out when Jenn decided she wasn't going to go (I was terrified I would have to bunk with Thea). I still regret not going on that trip and I still haven't been to France. It is so exciting to see that the world is ahead of Darian and that we (you) have the wisdom to ensure she makes the most of it :).

Cammy said...

P.S. she looks like a rock start in that pic. Hunter is so jealous (that's his ultimate goal at the moment).

Cammy said...

ugh, rock star.

Cammy said...

Okay, they need to add an edit function for these comments so I don't have to leave 12 just to correct how much of an ass I am. Anyway, I just noticed - new colours! Looks good. When I get more savvy I'm even going to try to customize :)